Magie a Chodby

For now, there will be only list and few lines from books. For more info seek my humble self…

How does one become a mage? It's acquired through discipline and study, usually under the tutelage of another mage, but not always. Personality often guides the aspect, or Warren, one chooses. But not always.

„The Warrens of Magic dwelt in the beyond, Find the gate and nudge it open a crack. What leaks out is yours to shape. With these words set out on the path to sorcery. Open yourself to the Warren that comes to you - that finds you. Draw forth its power - as much as your body and soul are capable of containing – but remember, when the body fails, the gate closes.“

List of Warrens

  • Denul: The Path of Healing
    • ‘Healing should never be separated between the flesh and the sense of the flesh. It’s hard to explain. The Denul Warrens involve every aspect of healing, since damage, when it occurs, does so on all levels. Shock is the scar that bridges the gap between the body and the mind.’
  • D'riss: The Path of the Earth, Rock
    • 'Magic bled…and stained the dusty air with a heavy, turgid magenta, the colour of the D’riss Warren, earth magic'
  • Hood's Path: The Path of Death
  • Meanas: The Path of Shadow and Illusion
    • Not a powerful warren, since only if the mind believes, will the damage dealt be inflicted.
    • „The art of illusion is grace itself. There must be a way to…trick our way through. What's real versus what isn't is the synergy within a mortal's mind. And greater forces? Can reality itself be fooled into asserting an unreality?'
  • Mockra: The Path of the Mind
    • “…magic that steals the will from its victims, that reaches into their minds.“
    • 'It's sorcery of the mind, and the mind's a lot more limited than we'd care to think.'
  • Rashan: The Path of Darkness
    • The art of Rashan is found in the tension that binds the
      games of light, yet its aspect is one of dissipation—
      the creation of shadow and of dark, although in this
      case the dark is not absolute, such as is the aspect of
      the ancient warren, Kurald Galain 1). No, this dark is
      particular, for it exists, not through an absence of
      light, but by virtue of being seen.
      - The Mysteries of Rashan – a madman’s discourse
  • Ruse: The Path of the Sea
  • Serc: The Path of the Sky 2)
  • Telas: The Path of Fire
    • 'A golden wave appeared suddenly…rose for a moment, building, then tumbled forward. The ground it rolled over on its way to the wall burned with fierce zeal, then the wave lifted…The ground trembled… as the wave crashed into the top of the wall… Blinding – this is High3) Telas, the Warren of Fire… The top third of the city wall, from near the gate and westward for at least forty paces, was simply gone.'
  • Tennes: The Path of the Land
    • the power of the land itself, the earth that is home to the eternal sleeping goddess, Burn 4).
  • Thyr: The Path of Light
  • Aral Gamelon: The Path of Demons



'They've drawn so much on their warrens that it's begun to damage their own bodies - I saw one healer's arm snap like a twig when he lifted a pot from a hearth'


Rashan and Meanas. The names are strangely interchangeable depending on where you are. Seven Cities, for example, has a different take than Quon Tali. Darkness and Shadow are obviously linked, and besides, humans are bad at settling semantic distinctions.

1) Elder Warren of Darkness, The warren of the Tiste Andii. More info to come.
2) Air
3) High = waaaaay out of player character reach
4) Ohnice, více až sepíšu bohy
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