Císařské vojsko

‘The Malazan professional soldier is the deadliest weapon I know. - Nil to Duiker

„The Malazan Army shall know but one set of rules,“ Empereror Kellanved had proclaimed, during the first 'cleansing' and 'restructuring' of the military early in his reign. 'One set of rules, and one ruler…' His and Dassem Ultor's imposition of merit as the sole means of advancement had triggered a struggle for control within the hierarchies of the Army and Navy commands…'

The Malazan Armies are primarily involved in conquering new territories for the Empire. Throughout a campaign, they engage the defending armies of other nations, usually with the objective of suberting that nation into a new Imperial province. Such offensive campaigns include the conquest of Quon Tali, Seven Cities, Korel and Genebackis.

Císařské armády

  • Malazan 1st Army
  • Malazan 2nd Army
  • Malazan 3rd Army
  • Malazan 4th Army
  • Malazan 5th Army
  • Malazan 6th Army
  • Malazan 7th Army
  • Malazan 8th Army
  • Malazan 9th Army
  • Malazan 10th Army
  • Malazan 11th Army
  • Malazan 13th Army

Unit Structure

  • They can engage in large-scale offensives by themselves, or take part in a campaign with several other armies acting under the overall command of a High Fist or the First Sword. Armies are the largest cohesive unit - most Armies keep their sub-units together and remain distinct from other Armies. They are commanded by Fists or High Fists.
  • Comprised of several companies, there are generally only a few Legions in the largest of Armies. A Legion consists of several companies and are commanded by Fists.
  • A unit consisting of a large number of squads (ex: twenty-four squads per Company in the 14th Army) and forming part of a Legion. They may be generalized - having squads of various types - and equally suited to a number of roles, or be specialized - having squads of only a single type - and intended for a particular function. Several Companies comprise a Legion. They are commanded by Captains and seconded by Lieutenants.
  • The smallest unit, consisting of between a handful of soldiers to up to a dozen. Traditional Imperial training develops the ability of a squad to function effectively on its own, without the need for an organized role within a larger unit. They are commanded by Sergeants and seconded by Corporals. It is also common practice to group a handful of squads under the command of a Lieutenant.

Ranking Structure

Vrchní pěst
  • Leader of an Army.
  • Overall commander of all Malazan ground forces in a campaign or conquered territory.
  • Leader of an Army. (Example: Coltaine)
  • Leader of a Legion of soldiers in a large army commanded by a High Fist or higher rank.
  • Assistant to a Fist and second-in-command of an Army.
  • Ranking position in an Army.
  • The leader of a Company or Regiment of soldiers.
  • Assistant to a Captain and second-in-command of a Company or Regiment.
  • The leader of a group of squads.
  • The leader of a squad of soldiers.
  • Assistant to a Sergeant and second-in-command of a squad of soldiers.

Císařské námořnictvo

Ranking Structure

  • Leader of a fleet of ships.

Imperial Garrisons

Imperial outposts are constructed in cities and major thoroughfares throughout the territories of the Malazan Empire. Their purpose is to maintain an Imperial presence before the populace and enforce the Imperial laws. In addition to basic outposts, they also operate prisons.

Ranking Structure

Vrchní pěst
  • Overall commander of all military forces over a vast region of the Empire. (Example: High Fist over the Seven Cities sub-continent)
  • Military governor of an imperial province, usually governing from the largest city within the province.
  • Military governor of a minor Imperial region.
  • Head of an outpost within a city.
  • Head of a minor Imperial outpost.
  • Ranking officer in a major outpost.
  • Assistant to a Captain and second-in-command of an outpost.
  • The leader of a squad of soldiers.
  • Assistant to a Sergeant and second-in-command of a squad of soldiers.

Other Sections of the Malazan Military

  • Spár
  • Malazské Kádry mágů
  • Malazští Inženýři AKA: Sapéři
  • Malazští Mariňáci
  • Malazská Posádka
  • Malazské Námořnictvo
  • Malazská Pobřežní garda
  • Červené meče/čepele
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