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The Deck of Dragons is a set of wooden cards used for divination. Those capable of using the Deck for divination purposes are called Readers, Talents or Adepts. In common usage, 'Reader' refers to someone with enough talent or skill to divine the future using the Deck of Dragons to a greater or lesser degree (or at least convincingly pretend to do so), while 'Talent' usually refers to someone with little or no formal training that possesses a natural ability to use the Deck. Finally, an Adept is someone with surpassing skill and/or talent with the Deck of Dragons, able to glean far more information from a reading than lesser Readers - for example, the cards often appear animate to an Adept and are sometimes used as a conduit by Ascendants during a reading.

Each card within the deck has its own aspect and title, as well as a relation to other cards. During a reading or other usage of the Deck, these cards represent personages and actions related to events in the present or near future.

Many of the cards are based on and carry the same name as roles within the High Houses of the Pantheon. These cards' aspect is similar to the nature of the role within the High House. For example, if The Assassin of Shadow card is correlated to a person during a reading, then he or she may hold that position in the near future. These positions are not permanent.

There is no single Deck of Dragons. Decks from certain regions frequently include cards aspected to local gods and Ascendants. Likewise, readings of the Deck are context-specific and will not be the same across the world unless referring to global events.

Known Cards from the Deck of Dragons

Cards of High House Life

  • King of Life
  • Queen of Life
  • Champion of Life
  • Priest of Life
  • Herald of Life
  • Soldier of Life
  • Weaver of Life

Cards of High House Death

  • King of Death
  • Queen of Death
  • Knight of Death
  • Magi of Death
  • Herald of Death
  • Soldier of Death
  • Spinner of Death
  • Mason of Death
  • Virgin of Death

Cards of High House Light

  • King of Light
  • Queen of Light
  • Champion of Light
  • Priest of Light
  • Captain of Light
  • Soldier of Light
  • Seamstress of Light
  • Builder of Light
  • Maiden of Light

Cards of High House Dark

  • King of Dark
  • Queen of Dark
  • Knight of Dark
  • Magi of Dark
  • Captain of Dark
  • Soldier of Dark
  • Weaver of Dark
  • Mason of Dark

Cards of High House Shadow

  • King of Shadow
  • Queen of Shadow
  • Assassin of Shadow
  • Magi of Shadow
  • Hound of Shadow
  • Knight of Shadow

Cards of High House War

  • Lords of War
  • Hunter
  • Guardians of the Dead
  • Mercenary


  • Obelisk
  • Crown
  • Sceptre
  • Throne
  • Orb
  • Chain
  • Oponn1)
  • Dessembrae2)
1) the two faced Jester of Chance
2) Lord of Tragedy
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